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Cremation Services: What to Expect & CostsĀ 

Published: May 8, 2023
cremation services in Calgary, AB

Cremation is a popular choice for many families when it comes to laying their loved ones to rest. It is an option that provides flexibility, affordability, and a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional burial. If you are considering cremation services in Calgary, AB, it is essential to understand the process and the costs involved. This article will guide you through what to expect and the expenses associated with cremation services, as provided by Evan J. Strong Funeral Home.

The Cremation Process

Cremation involves reducing the deceased's body to ashes through a high-temperature process in a cremation chamber. The process typically takes between 2-3 hours, after which the ashes are collected, processed, and placed in an urn or another container chosen by the family. Some families may choose to hold a viewing or memorial service before the cremation, while others may opt for a direct cremation without any formal ceremony.

Costs of Cremation Services

Cremation services can vary in cost depending on the services and arrangements chosen by the family. Basic cremation services, which include the cremation process itself and a simple container for the ashes, typically start at a lower price than traditional burial services. Additional costs may include a viewing, memorial service, urn, and interment of the ashes in a columbarium or burial plot.

Factors Affecting Cremation Costs

Several factors can affect the overall cost of cremation services in Calgary, AB:

  • Type of service: Direct cremation without a memorial service will generally be more affordable than a full-service cremation that includes a viewing and memorial service. 
  •  Urn selection: The price of urns can vary widely, depending on the material, design, and personalization options. 
  •  Interment of ashes: Choosing to inter the ashes in a columbarium or burial plot will incur additional costs for the niche or plot and the installation of a headstone or plaque.

Benefits of Choosing Cremation Services

  • Affordability: Cremation is generally more cost-effective than burial, particularly for those who opt for direct cremation without additional services.
  •  Flexibility: Families have more options for memorial services, including holding services at a later date or scattering the ashes in a meaningful location.
  •  Environmental considerations: Cremation has a smaller environmental footprint than burial, using fewer resources and taking up less space in cemeteries.

Cremation services in Calgary, AB, provide an affordable and flexible option for families when it comes to honoring their loved ones. Understanding the process and costs involved can help you make an informed decision that best suits your family's needs and preferences. If you are considering cremation services, trust Evan J. Strong Funeral Home to provide compassionate care and support during this difficult time. With a range of services including memorial and graveside services, cremations, receptions, livestream, preplanning, aftercare, and an onsite crematorium, they can guide you through the process and ensure your loved one is honored in a meaningful way.


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