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Many Possible Avenues for Supportive Funeral and Cremation in Calgary, AB

At Evan J. Strong Funeral Home, we believe that no one's life journey is the same - and it deserves to be told uniquely! We’re a family-run business dedicated to crafting your loved ones’ stories in vivid detail. We are compassionate and knowledgeable professionals ready to offer aid during this emotional period of mourning. We offer funeral services and cremations in Calgary, AB and the nearby area ensuring that your loved one is celebrated in a way that accurately reflects their life. Our experienced team will provide you with the necessary guidance for making difficult decisions at such an exhausting time. Whenever you need help, our expert team is available day and night to provide quick assistance – you may call us at 403-265-1199. Plus, you can always drop by the funeral home in person during regular business hours for more personalized service.

When making immediate or future plans related to death care, like a funeral and cremation in Calgary, AB, the best way for you and your family may look completely different than another family's services. It typically works best to find solutions that fit your budget and emotional needs for a cathartic goodbye. There are many appropriate possible solutions available to you. Let's break down a few of them here:

Calgary AB funeral home and cremations

Custom-Designed Personal Funeral Services

You can design funeral services to be elaborate, extended events that include a visitation with a viewing, a funeral honoring event, a burial committal service, and a reception. Funerals feature the decedent's body, usually held in a casket that can be opened or closed. However, you could have a funeral with a small guest list if you'd prefer. Funerary venues can also vary—a traditional funeral home, church service, or perhaps an outdoor setting, a private residence, or another event center.

Holding Services at the Graveside

In some cases, holding the totality of services at the burial site is the preferred option, and it can make the event much more streamlined if you need to keep things simple. This could be offered just before interment (funeral) or after the remains have been placed for burial (memorial).

Remembering the Deceased with Memorial Services

Memorial services are an excellent way to commemorate someone who has died. This style of service can be held soon after death or many weeks or months after the fact. The main reason for this flexibility is that the deceased's body does not play a part in memorial services. If more time is needed, consider having a memorial service to honor your loved one.

Preparing the Remains for Final Disposition Through Cremation Services

A fantastic alternative to full casket burial is having the body cremated instead. Cremations are a fast solution to care for remains respectfully and securely. The body is entirely burned in a high-heat furnace chamber until all soft tissues are vaporized. Then, all resulting remains are thoroughly collected and processed into tiny pieces called ashes or cremated remains.

Digital Livestream Solutions Connect Family and Friends Near and Far

In our world, having options to broadcast funerary events securely can be important for guests nearby and far away. Ask your funeral professional early on if this is an option you would like to have offered at the services you are planning so that arrangements can be made to support this need. 

Things to Think About Before You Need a Funeral and Cremation in Calgary, AB

Have you ever thought about how you would want your body prepared and your life honored with options such as a funeral and cremation in Calgary, AB? If not, you may want to consider exploring death care preplanning. You don't have to have a death looming to take advantage of this service. Many people make these plans while in the prime of life—still feeling healthy, vibrant, and strong. It can take very little time to select your preferences and get them recorded with your chosen funeral home.

Plans can get started at home with preplanning forms available on the internet through your provider's website. However, if you'd instead work with a professional to answer questions and explain your options, don't hesitate to make an appointment at the facility. Remember that you don't have to decide everything to get started. If you want to make extensive plans, that is fine too. Prepayment of funerary arrangements is also a great option that can save your family money in the long run by locking in current pricing for future services.

Things to Think About After Services Are Completed

There is no delicate way to say it—losing a loved one to death is an excruciating, challenging experience. Your life will never be the same without this person in it. However, healing is possible, especially with time and supportive resources. Remember that grief is a personal journey, not an event or checklist you complete.

Your expert funeral director and their team can help connect you to essential aftercare options, including local and digital groups, subscriptions, professionals, and networks to assist you and your grieving loved ones through this difficult transition. Don't feel like you need to face this journey alone. Many will help you carry this burden if you let them. Even though no one knows exactly how you feel, loss IS a universal shared experience, and connection can help.

Work with a Full-Service Firm for the Most Comprehensive Options and Support

One of the best ways to support yourself and your family through death care planning for immediate or future needs with a funeral and cremation in Calgary, AB, is to find a full-service funeral home you can trust. Evan J. Strong Funeral Home has the reputation and experience you can turn to for these tender conversations and decisions. With an onsite crematorium, we can take care of any final arrangements you are looking for at our convenient, welcoming facility at 3625 12 St NE, Calgary, AB T2E 6P4.


What is a pre-arranged funeral?
Pre-arranged funerals provide a unique opportunity to honor the life of your loved one - and let them rest in peace knowing that their wishes were carried out. From deciding on service level to selecting readings, music selections, or even art pieces for display at the event, you can work together with family and friends to make sure they are honored exactly as desired. It's an invaluable way to create something special during this difficult time while ensuring that any faith traditions or secular ceremonies preferred by them will be respected. Read more here!

What happens in a grief support group?
Grief support groups are for people to share their stories of sadness with others. People in the group can talk about why they came and express their emotions related to their losses. There is no pressure to do anything and everyone is accepted. This allows people to feel comfortable sharing whatever they want along their journey of grief.

Who determines the cause of death on the death certificate?
A death certificate serves as the final document marking a person's passing, certifying not only that their life has come to an end but also definitively outlining why. It is typically compiled from medical professional judgments of those in charge of caring for the deceased before they passed away; however, other professionals may be consulted depending on specific circumstances surrounding their death.

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