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Many Starting Points for Planning Custom Funeral and Cremation in Chestermere, AB

At Evan J. Strong Funeral Home, we understand how difficult it is to part with a loved one - that's why our compassionate professionals are here for you every step of the way. From designing meaningful tributes, providing personalized funeral services and cremations in Chestermere, AB and around the area, to carefully guiding families through tough decisions during this trying time; consider us your trusted sources in honoring those who have passed away. At our family-run business, we strive to capture life's most precious moments. Together with you, let us craft a unique and meaningful narrative that will honor your loved one’s life. Our compassionate team is always ready to take your call at 403-265-1199 or welcome a visit at whatever time of day fits best into your schedule. 

Everyone who has ever lived and will ever live is a unique person. When honoring a loved one who has passed away with service options like a funeral and cremation in Chestermere, AB, it makes sense that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. There are many possible starting points with various service options for planning unique, cathartic, and memorable death care arrangements

Chestermere AB funeral home and cremations

Funeral Services

Offered with the body of the deceased present for the event, funerals are generally scheduled as soon as arrangements can be made. Some funerals are multi-tiered events, with visitation prior, possible viewing of the remains, the honoring ceremony, and a committal or burial service.

Graveside Services

You can forego the multi-event funeral package and hold an honoring ceremony in connection with interment at the graveside. Your director can help you orchestrate all of the needed details between the cemetery and the transport of the corpse to the burial site.

Cremation Services

Cremations are an increasingly popular body disposition option. Instead of preparing remains for viewing through preservation techniques like embalming, the body can be incinerated in an enclosed furnace chamber. All the softer tissues of the body are fully vaporized, and only the driest, most complex portions of the bone matter will remain. These bones are further processed into ashes-- granularized bone matter. The ashes can be scattered or buried. Some families keep the cremated body in an urn at home.

Memorial Services

If you opt for an immediate burial or direct cremation to have the body cared for sooner than later, you may not have time for an honoring ceremony beforehand. To commemorate the life that has been lived, you could plan to have a memorial service instead of a traditional funeral. A cremated body could be part of a memorial service, but casketed bodies would be more in line with a funeral service. The major difference between these two events is the state and location of the corpse.


With any honoring service style, it often works wonderfully to have a reception as part of your service package. This is usually after the commemoration events are finished. Receptions could be more light-hearted and promote a celebration of life theme if desired. They could also be there to serve a functional purpose—feeding travelers a meal before they need to depart back to their daily lives.


We live in a beautiful world of technological conveniences. Especially in an era when pandemics, travel restrictions, and other difficulties have made it more tricky than usual to gather, it feels important to have live-streaming options as part of your final arrangements. If you desire to have your events broadcast for those who cannot attend in person, discuss that with your provider.

How Can Preplanning a Funeral and Cremation in Chestermere, AB, Make a Difference?

No matter what options you think you would want for your future death care needs related to a funeral and cremation in Chestermere, AB, consider how preplanning could make a difference to you and your family. Suppose you have ever needed to make final arrangements with little information left from the decedent. In that case, you may realize how difficult it can be to make decisions in that vulnerable time. Preplanning can be kept very simple, or you could add a lot of detail and depth to your plan.

Families of those who have left pre-arrangement plans often feel relieved that they aren't left guessing what the decedent would have wanted. Additionally, preplans can also be pre-paid. If this is possible for you, it will be one more way you can support your closest surviving relatives upon your death. They will not be left to determine how to pay for your final needs. Funds are usually protected in a third-party trust fund until needed. Ask about the specifics of your chosen firm. This can bring peace of mind to you and your family now and in the future.

Aftercare for the Bereaved

Just because services are completed, and the decedent is laid to rest does not mean the time for grieving is passed. The realities of loss usually hit sometime after the funerary and honoring events are completed. Your funeral director and their team will aim to connect you to local and digital resources to support the aftercare needs of you and your family. Email subscriptions, support groups, referral recommendations to grief professionals, books, and digital courses may all be available tools.

The Benefits of Retaining a Full-Service Funeral Home for Death Care Needs

As a family-owned and operated establishment, Evan J. Strong Funeral Home has served the community for many years with needs surrounding a funeral and cremation in Chestermere, AB. We are pleased to offer an onsite crematorium for our client families who need that service. This adds a layer of security, knowing your deceased will not leave our care until we return the remains to you. See our conveniently located facility at 3625 12 St NE, Calgary, AB T2E 6P4.


What does a memorial service consist of?

A memorial service is a gathering to honor someone who has died. This can include prayers, religious readings, comments, and stories about the person. Sometimes there is music and reflections on the person's life. In some cases, there is silent prayer time during which people can reflect. Support is available for those who need it through words or physical expressions like hugs shared between mourners. Many families have a reception following their ceremony where food is served as well as time for sharing memories with each other.

Who owns a grave in a cemetery?

The ownership of a grave in a cemetery can vary widely depending on the type of cemetery and the individual's prearrangements with the cemetery. Generally, there are two common types of graveyards: public cemeteries, which are owned by municipalities or government entities, and private cemeteries, which are owned by individuals or companies. 

How do you find a will?

The passing of a loved one can be an emotional time, but uncovering what matters most doesn't have to add complexity and stress. With the help of their estate executor, you will easily find your way through the court system in order to gain access to any wills that may exist - whether by phone call or online search or even visiting your local courthouse. No matter where you are located, finding out what was left behind is easier than it appears.

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