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Find the Right Solutions Related to a Funeral and Cremation in Airdrie, AB

Evan J. Strong Funeral Home is a family-run company dedicated to celebrating life stories through our funeral services and cremations in Airdrie, AB and the surrounding area. We recognize how precious and meaningful each story truly is, understanding that these memories should be shared to honor the life of the loved one who passed. Our caring, and experienced professionals are here to provide you with compassionate guidance during this difficult season of life. As part of your tribute planning process, we will take the time needed to personalize services that meet the unique needs of each individual family. Let us help make honoring a loved one meaningful and memorable. For in-person assistance, we invite you to visit our funeral home at your most convenient time or you may call us at 403-265-1199 for immediate need.

Do you need to make final arrangements for services with a funeral and cremation in Airdrie, AB? Each family will have slightly different needs and desires. The best way for you to plan these services is to find the solutions that will help those closest to the deceased find support in their grief while also honoring the person who has passed away. Many potential service options can be personalized in unique ways to help you tell the story of the decedent and pay tribute to their memory. 

Airdrie AB funeral home and cremations

Fitting Funeral Services

Funerals are one of the most versatile final arrangements. The most distinguishing feature of a funeral is that the deceased's body will be a prominent part of the services. Due to this, funeral services are often scheduled near the death date. Funerals can be extended over multiple days and events that work together to honor the decedent and support the grieving family and friends in a heartfelt goodbye. Conversely, simplified funeral services can also be arranged. There isn't one most suitable way that works for everyone. 

Service Options Held at the Graveside

An example of a simple funeral service would be holding the event at the burial site. However, you might also have a memorial service sometime after the interment takes place at this graveside. 

Remembering with Memorial Service Options

A memorial service is an option that works exceptionally well when the body is not readily available for an honoring ceremony. This could be because more time is needed for scheduling family travel and gathering or because the body needs to be cared for immediately. Memorials are much like a funeral, allowing family and friends to remember and reflect on the life of this important person who has passed away. 

Complete or Direct Cremation Services

Cremation services encompass a body preparation and disposition technique. In this process, the corpse is incinerated in a chamber furnace. After burning, the remaining matter is collected and reduced into tiny grains. This matter primarily consists of hard, dried bones. A complete cremation occurs with other public honoring services attached. Direct cremation means there are no memorial services planned. 

Receptions Offer Gathering Time

It works well for many families to include a reception as part of a funerary package. The reception can generate a place of gathering and mingling after the decedent has been laid to rest. From a practical standpoint, a reception can be an excellent way to close a day or offer a meal to attendees before they depart. 

Livestream to Include Those Who Otherwise Could Not Attend

The digital options and technology available today make it possible to include those far away in the honoring services you offer. Live streaming solutions for final arrangements have become a popular and necessary way to stay healthy and connected. 

Make Future Needs Related to a Funeral and Cremation in Airdrie, AB, a Priority with Preplanning

Even if you do not have a known death approaching, there are many strong reasons to make prearrangement plans for death care services. This service applies to all of us since we all will die someday. Preplanning your preferences surrounding the topic of a funeral and cremation in Airdrie, AB, can bring peace of mind to you now and will be a source of support to your family after you die. Working on pre-need death care plans can help some people work through anticipatory grief in situations where death is known to be approaching.

Even though it might feel a little weird to think about at first, there are many ways we prepare to settle our affairs before we die. We don't think twice about needing legal instruments like a will, life insurance, and other estate planning provisions. Preplanning can be kept pretty simple, or it may include lots of detail if you wish. Some elements will need to wait until the circumstances of death have manifested.

Supportive Care for Those Walking Through Grief and Loss

Even though final service arrangements are arguably for the person who has died, they can be designed to invite healing experiences for those grieving the loss. The littlest details can make a big difference in helping to validate the enormity of your loss as you find your way forward.

Your full-service funeral provider and staff should connect you to essential resources as part of this aftercare process. Some standard resource options for grieving individuals include referrals to local grief experts and support groups, digital resources such as email subscriptions, online courses, or helpful articles and books.

Hire Competence and Compassion With Full-Service Options

The expert teams at Evan J. Strong Funeral Home has the competence and compassion you can rely on when planning your needs with a funeral and cremation in Airdrie, AB. Our facilities also boast an onsite crematorium, which makes it possible for us to keep your deceased loved one in our care throughout the process, adding to a secure procedure and more peace of mind for you. See our warmly welcoming facilities to learn more at 3625 12 St NE, Calgary, AB T2E 6P4.


How much does the funeral service cost in Calgary, AB?

Funeral service costs in Calgary, Alberta can vary greatly depending on the type of service you choose. Generally speaking, a full-service funeral (burial or cremation) with visitation and ceremony can range from $3,000-$7,000+, while direct cremation may cost only around $1,000+. Visit here to learn more!

How cremation happens?

Cremation is when a body turns into ashes.. The temperature is very high, between 1400-1800°F (760-980°C). It takes two to four hours. First, any metal parts and requested items are removed from the body. Then, the body is burned until only bone fragments and minerals are left. This might include small amounts of metals from dental fillings or implants.

Where is keepsake jewelry made?

Keepsake jewelry is usually made by hand using materials like metals and gemstones. Jewelers use special tools to cut and shape the metals or use goldsmithing techniques to work the metal into a desired design. For example, jade and other minerals can be used in combination with silver or gold - enamel (using a thin layer of glassy material) also adds color. Gemstones like diamonds and sapphires may be added for extra sparkle.

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