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Blending Tradition: Cremation with Memorial Service

Published: September 11, 2023

cremation services in Chestermere, AB

With the changing trends in final rites and services, individuals and families are exploring unique ways to honor their loved ones. One rising approach is through cremation with a memorial service, a blend of modern and traditional observances. Being a trusted provider of cremation services in Chestermere, AB, Evan J. Strong Funeral Home can help families in navigating these choices. Our goal is to assist families in creating meaningful and personal experiences that honor their loved ones while respecting their wishes and unique life stories.

Understanding Cremation with a Memorial Service

Cremation with a memorial service is a preferred option for many who seek both simplicity and a touch of tradition in commemorating their departed loved ones. After cremation – a process that turns the body into ashes – a memorial service allows families and friends to gather, remember the deceased, share stories, and support one another. Unlike a traditional funeral wherein the body is present, in a cremation memorial service, the ashes in an urn can be displayed. It is less formal, offering a sense of intimacy and allowing for flexibility in choosing the venue, schedule, and overall tone of the event.

The Advantages of Choosing Cremation with Memorial Service

Choosing cremation with a memorial service presents several advantages. Firstly, it is often more cost-effective than a traditional burial, as it eliminates expenses for a coffin and burial plot. It also allows for flexibility in planning the memorial service as it can be scheduled at a later date, giving distant relatives and friends time to attend. Lastly, cremation is considered environmentally friendly as it reduces land usage compared to burials. In light of these benefits, Evan J. Strong Funeral Home continues to provide quality and personalized cremation services in Chestermere, AB.

How to Personalize a Cremation Memorial Service

A cremation memorial service can be personalized to reflect the unique story and personality of the departed. Holding the service at a location that was special to the deceased like a beach, park, or home garden, can add a personal touch. Incorporating the deceased’s passions, hobbies, or interests can also make the service more meaningful. Using their favorite music, displaying their art or written works, or requesting attendees to wear a specific color can create a potent bond between the service and the individual being remembered. Always remember, any memorial service, including those involving cremation services, should be a respectful and meaningful celebration of a life lived.

cremation services in Chestermere, AB

The trend of combining cremation with a memorial service offers a seamless blend of tradition, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness that's appealing to many individuals and families. If you or a loved one is considering this option, be sure to reach out to Evan J. Strong Funeral Home. As a trusted provider of cremation services in Chestermere, AB, we are dedicated to assisting families in creating and executing personalized and meaningful memorial experiences. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information or any guidance needed in this time of planning. Remember, our mission is to ensure your loved one is honored in a way that celebrates their unique life and story.


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